5 Cheap Valentine Day Gift Idea

On Valentine’s Day, everyone buys gifts for their loved ones. There are so many gift options available in the market but sometimes they are just so much hyped and commercialized that it may happen that your gift is as common as everybody buying more or less the same thing.

Let’s discuss some ideas for the Cheap Valentine Day Gift Idea.

Cheap Valentine Day Gift Idea
Cheap Valentine Day Gift Idea

It also happens that cards and other gifting items that are quite expensive available in the market are so much expensive that you have to empty your pocket.

However, with little effort, you can make some stylish handmade gifts for your partner. The only thing to keep in mind is simply making a plan in advance and accordingly buying the stuff required for making the desired gift on valentine’s day and no doubt a gift coming directly from your heart is unbeatable.

In this article, we are giving some unique and special gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. It is just as amazing and so much special that once your partner will receive it your special feelings will be directly conveyed to that person. Anybody can buy gifts from shops and stores because they are just making money and valentine’s day is the day of celebrating love so if you will prepare a gift on your own it will so much more special and it will be in your budget also. Overall you will love these handmade Cheap Valentine Day Gift Idea

Cheap Valentine Day Gift Idea
Cheap Valentine Day Gift Idea

Handmade scented candles

It sounds difficult to make handmade candles but they are actually not. You can purchase all the materials from any shop and with that, you will get all manuals and instructions for preparing the candles. Along with that different colors and scents will also be provided in the kit. Make sure to read all the instructions for making candles and when scent and color are to add so that everything comes out nicely. Surely you will make it easy and everything comes out beautifully.

Handmade card

An expensive readymade card can be purchased by anyone but a handmade card with a beautiful love quote is a much more special and mind-blowing option. You can buy card-making paper from the market and a few other essentials like colors and decorative items and then you can paint anything your will like and write your feelings for him/her inside the card. It is really a good option for your partner if he/she loves cards.

Picture album/CD

You can select nice pictures of both of you, for example, spending time on vacation, your best moments together, and your birthday pictures together, and paste them into the photo album according to the series of events and you can give tag line to each picture. Next, you can add these pictures along with music to any CD and gift it to your partner. It is really a very nice Cheap Valentine Day Gift Idea as they will love to see your best moments captured by you in the form of a CD and accordingly you can add music suitable to each picture. You can take the help of your friend or any family member also in making these albums.

Baking cake, cookies, and dinner

This option is for those of who are pro in baking then you can bake a cake or his/her favorite cookie according to your partner’s choice. Then you both can enjoy your cake and cookie together. Also, you can plan for a romantic dinner.


If you know how to paint then you can paint anything of your partner’s choice. There are so many things you can think of painting. For example glass painting, oil painting, pot painting, cushion painting, and cup painting. In these tips, you have bought a beautiful coffee mug and then you can paint according to your partner’s choice. You can also dye T-shirts and paint some motives on jeans and gift him/her.

Cheap Valentine Day Gift Idea
Cheap Valentine Day Gift Idea


Finally love is not measured by gifts but by how well you understand your partner so giving anything be it a handmade gift with a pure heart will definitely be appreciated by your partner and the bond between both of you will get strengthened so much. I hope these 5 Cheap Valentine Day Gift Idea will make your day special.

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